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Right after Tara's Loss of life, Willow's eyes glow red with fury, as she gradually starts to descend into darker magic.

Even if Willow regained her powers, she nonetheless contains a hard time making use of them for their fullest likely without the need of repercussions. She can't traverse prolonged distances within a barrier she conjured working with powerful magics devoid of creating the barrier alone to go down. She's effective at teleportation, unaided flight, projecting blasts of Strength potent plenty of to vanquish vampires in one strike, drive discipline projection, and releasing pulses of telekinetic energy. Evidently, the reason why Willow could not use her powers to fullest is since the Seed of Question remains to be in the process of maturing, as the method for it to acquire root was rushed by a surge of immense energy that arrived with the Deeper Well as well as the energies the Siphon absorbed. Despite this setback, she is still an effective combatant. Nevertheless, it has been demonstrated that as the legislation of magic happen to be adjusted, Willow seems to have no need to recite any incantation to cast a spell.

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Willow, in an attempt to end the world's suffering, Forged a spell to funnel the Power from the Earth into Prosepexa's effigy that will cause the World to burn to your cinder if it had been Forged correctly.

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Fred Burkle — Even though not technically a passionate marriage, Willow fairly slyly inquired as to what is Fred's "Tale" to Wesley, indicating a possible curiosity on Willow's component and earning her a amazed seem of pondering from Wesley.

When Kennedy died a mystical Dying, Willow resurrected her per month later and they started to just take their connection more gradually.

Her willingness to implement magic was drastically diminished right after her encounter as Dim Willow. Willow put in time at a coven in England with Giles in which she created an even better knowledge of magic, balance, and many others. At that point, she was so highly effective her really feelings and thoughts could result in some type of result. Amy commented that other practitioners labored "two times as hard to be 50 percent pretty much as good" as Willow. In spite of this, Willow was mainly prevented from accessing a lot more than slight magic by The 1st Evil, who attempted to corrupt her at Each individual spell. Examples check of the managed usage of her electric power had been her use of telekinesis to observe self-restraint, conjuring power fields, extensive telepathic discussions, opening a portal, and exerting hypnotic control.

Angel - Angel shared affection and self esteem with Willow. Willow also restored Angel's soul on two separate instances.[fifty][51] On various occasions, he requested for her assistance, checking out her as a reputable ally and Mate. In the course of his initial time in Sunnydale, right after Buffy, Willow was likely Angel's closest friend while in the Scooby Gang, as he only socialized While using the two of them outside of battle situations, Despite the fact that, just like many of the group, his connection together with her was to some degree strained following he arrived again from Hell. She had also been the one particular to often Angel, as well as Oz, when was delirious with poison following Faith struck him having an arrow.[81] Willow ongoing to treat Angel within a helpful way, easily acception his selection to keep his quick existence in Sunnydale a secret from Buffy in an endeavor to protect her,[142] and right away contacting him outside of worry for Cordelia when she was with Harmony.[107] When Buffy died, Willow was the one who produced the excursion to L. a. to tell Angel Individually of what happened to her.[143] They hugged as old close friends soon after Willow re-ensouled him for just a second time.[51] Following Angel was uncovered being Twilight, her Angle toward him altered to open hostility, on the extent that, when battling the invading find more information demons, Willow momentarily turned him right into a frog. Just after Giles' death, Faith stated that the entire Scooby Gang, Apart from Buffy, desired "Angel's head over a pike."[28] Through her quest to revive Earth's magic, Willow traveled to London, wherever Angel was now centered with Faith, and immediately after criticizing him for thinking that his programs to resurrect Giles would stop in nearly anything but disaster, reluctantly decided to help him since she herself required their assist.

Willow's hair later grew marginally extended to her armpits in time 7 and she dressed more maturely. Although undertaking the spell to activate the opportunity Slayers, her hair briefly turned white, contrasting the benevolent intent behind this spell versus the black magic performed by Dark Willow.[64]

Although it absolutely was Buffy's emotional irrationality that put them at risk, Willow combined with the Some others did not Categorical any anger to her afterwards.

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Kennedy — Willow ongoing her recovery from Tara's Loss of life as she embarked on a romance using this type of Possible Slayer. Even though reluctant in the beginning due to the fact she considered supplying into her drive for Kennedy would trigger her to forget Tara, Kennedy helped her to move on from Tara's death as well as grew to become her anchor Each time she performed strong magic. Once the important site Struggle for the Hellmouth, Andrew mentioned that Kennedy and Willow were being dwelling alongside one another in South America.[24] Following Kennedy's month-lengthy mystical Loss of life, they decided to take things slow but broke up after the destruction of the Seed of Wonder. Because of the close of magic, Willow was without the need of her qualities and arrived into the summary that Kennedy was predominantly interested in her on account of her powers and felt that her ability with pcs did not "do it" for Kennedy.

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